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One of the greatest perks of doing wedding photography is getting to have a relationship with our clients and their families. We were excited to work with Jes and Dean because we met them at her sister Samantha’s wedding to Matthew in 2013 and had an awesome time with their family and friends. Jes and Dean’s wedding was so much fun! Their ceremony and reception was at Kings Family Vineyard in front of gorgeous mountains just as the fall weather was setting in. Every detail was well thought out–from the handmade jewelry by family friend Dana Prevatte to the scotch and cigar bar to the s’mores and outdoor bonfire. Laura Henderson Makeup and Kirsten Marie Design did exquisite makeup and hair for the ladies. The Significant Others got everyone dancing and provided excellent music for the dinner as well. We were grateful to meet all the wonderful guests, and most of all to work with Jes and Dean to create some beautiful portraits.