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Headshot Day!

Short session. Incredible value. Limited times.

This will be the easiest headshot you ever take. Everything you need (professional studio, great light, expert coaching) and nothing you don’t (long sessions, hundreds of choices, multiple looks). This headshot will look great on your company website, your LinkedIn profile, your email signature, or your business card. 

People have asked me: why so cheap? Standard headshot sessions are $250. Almost every week I have open time between other projects that has not been booked. It is never predictable. Filling these random times accommodates people that otherwise wouldn’t come to our studio. Maybe they:

• Don’t need a full headshot session

• Aren’t sure about the value of hiring a professional yet

• Are a student or on a very tight budget

Are you curious how great your headshot could be? You are also welcome to share this with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors—anyone who deserves a great headshot.

headshot samples

If you like details… Look here:

What address should I put in my GPS?

5399 NE 14th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

When will I get my photos?

An email will be sent out with a download link within one week.

What will I receive?

High resolution digital files that are color corrected, but not retouched.  I can do retouching for $25/photo.

How can I use the photos?

Any way you choose, except for selling them. You can use them on social media, professional profiles, dating profiles, wall art, gifts… it’s up to you.

What should I wear?

Wear something you are comfortable in and that you really like. Any colors and patterns will work.

What if I need some Photoshop work?

I’ll be happy to retouch any of your photos for $25 each. I typically remove skin blemishes, skin shine, stray hair, and to whiten teeth and eyes. I can also do more major retouching, if requested.

How long will it take?

To accommodate as many people as I can, I’m limiting the headshot to no more than 15 minutes. Some people will not need that whole time. I will only be able to work with you during your booked time slot.

What will you do with the photos?

A select few of these photos will become part of my online portfolio, to allow clients to to see the kind of work I do. They will not end up any other place without your consent.