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Donner_Photography_Miami Viscaya Portraits_Tara_0001Donner_Photography_Miami Viscaya Portraits_Tara_0002Donner_Photography_Miami Viscaya Portraits_Kerrie_0004Donner_Photography_Miami Viscaya Portraits_Kerrie_0003Donner_Photography_Miami Viscaya Portraits_Kerrie_0001Donner_Photography_Miami Viscaya Portraits_Kerrie_0003Donner_Photography_Miami Viscaya Portraits_Kerrie_0005Tara and Kerrie are friends and co-workers in Miami and were kind enough to show me around the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The estate was incredibly beautiful with all kinds of greenery, interesting stone work, and the Biscayne Bay surrounding one side. We happened to go on a rainy and overcast day. The wind was whipping the water and made for a very romantic and surreal feel. We took some portraits for their personal use that I felt really captured the feel of the day and their fun and mysterious personalities!