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Welcome to our journal! We’re happy to open up about what we’re working on, thinking about, learning, reading, and planning next. We hope you’ll check back here frequently and feel welcome enough to leave comments if you find something interesting, have questions, or see something you like.

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In setting a new course towards becoming a husband-and-wife team, we have talked a lot about what we want our business to represent. First and foremost, photography is a great profession for us because it connects us to so many amazing people.  Building meaningful relationships is our favorite part of this work. We are happy to be your photographers, but more than that, we want to know who YOU are, what you value, and to be a resource to you in finding great vendors and asking the right questions while you plan. For this reason, we are focused on providing high quality, time-intensive, and dedicated service to every one of our clients.

We also highly value our work. We see each wedding as a unique, artistic endeavor. We aim to get classic photos that are timeless, as well as some interesting, experimental photos that are fun or perhaps risky. We do our best to capture the emotions of your wedding day and we are often right there with you smiling and laughing through every happy moment. Erin has been known to tear up during the toasts at many weddings!erin laughWe are experimenting with new ways create value by adding Erin’s video expertise to our offerings. We know the challenges in budgeting for the complete dream-wedding package because we are going through the same things for our wedding! We aim to provide photo and video to you at the best value and highest quality to make your search easier.


Finally, we love the flexibility that photography gives us to travel the world, explore new parts of our city, and experiment with seeing old things in new ways with each new project. We take pretty much any chance we get to change place/pace of life. Mark Batterson says that it gives us new perspective. We really like warm weather as well!

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