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headshots for Medical Residency Candidates

You aren’t just like everyone else. We get that. When you work with us, you aren’t getting plugged into a system that churns out average results for average people. You get the best. Ever wonder how good your headshot could look? Let’s find out.

It’s our job to make a picture that gets you noticed and provides a positive first impression. Leave it to us to bring out the very best in the way you look and to create a headshot that stands out among all the other students looking for their residency placement.

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The easiest headshot you will ever take

Getting a headshot for your MyERAS application is easy and should not be stressful. With our professional studio lighting and expert coaching, you will be in and out in 15 minutes. Choose your favorite photo in real-time in the studio and within 24 hours of choosing your favorite shot, you will be emailed a retouched file, formatted and ready to upload to the MyEras portal

The specifications are simple: a vertical photograph of your head and shoulders, 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches at 150ppi, a file size of no more than 150kb, and JPEG format. We recommend using a white, light gray, or medium gray background and can help you choose based on what looks best with your skin tone and desired outfit.

A 2018 study of dermatology candidates found that confident smiles made the biggest difference in successful residency matching.

If successful matching was only based on the photo you upload (surprise! It’s not), you would do best to follow the lead of the majority of other candidates:

  1. Submit a picture. What?! A small minority do not upload a picture at all! Most people upload a picture, and those folks are more likely to get matched.
  2. We want to you to look like you are likeable, smart, and easy to work with.
  3. Use a professional. About 2/3 of the applicants in the study used photos from a professional photographer
  4. Wear a blazer or other business attire. Very few people wear white coats or casual clothing.
  5. Wear glasses if you always wear glasses. The study found a statistically significant advantage to wearing glasses, but only 15% of the people wore them.
  6. Most females wear their hair down

We can schedule a hair stylist or makeup artist to work with you before your shoot. Each one costs about $200 and is optional.

ERAS Headshots
ERAS photo

We can completely customize the look of your headshots to fit your personality. However, most people choose one of the above looks.

We shoot on a plain white or gray backdrop for several reasons. First, the photo is small enough that the background is really inconsequential. Second, the file size requirements are also small, so we would rather there be more detail in your face than waste the pixels on a background. Lastly, a plain background keeps the focus on your face and draws attention to your eyes and smile. We can try different shades of white/gray to see what works best with your skin tone and hair color.

If you are in South Florida or able to come to our conveniently located studio in Fort Lauderdale off Commercial Blvd we can help you check ERAS application heashot off your list.

Be a hero! Or at least look like one