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We’ve officially moved to South Florida, and what better way to initiate ourselves into beach engagement photography than meeting a former DC couple in Miami?! Nitchi and Andrew were spending a couple days vacation in South Beach and wanted to get some engagement photos. We emailed back and forth about options since they would be traveling and didn’t know the area well. They wanted to find a location somewhat near their hotel with beach front, rocks, sea grass, and–if possible–some elevation (not an easy thing to find in Florida!). Thanks to much scouting and Googling, I was able to identify a fairly easy walking plan that covered all of our bases. Nitchi and Andrew were able to consolidate to one small suitcase to carry their change of clothes, touchup makeup and hair products, keeping it easy to move along the beach.

Nitchi warned me she and Andrew were a bit camera shy. Because weekends are fairly crowded in South Beach, I chose a route that offered less crowded spots off the beaten path to get us warmed up without too many viewers. By the time we got to the more public beach and the rocks next to South Pointe Pier, Andrew and Nitchi were ready to go and looking so in love! Their personalities and tenderness towards each other shine through each image.