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One night, Paul and his roommate decided to walk down the street to the Tortoise and Hare Bar & Grill in Crystal City for some drinks. It was a pretty slow night, but a girl at one of the tables caught his eye. Unsure of whether this tactic would work, Paul sent some drinks over to start up a conversation. Little did he know he would end up meeting his future wife, walking and talking with her all around Crystal City for hours.

I remember hearing that story when it first happened because I’ve known Paul for years. While everyone remembers different pieces, the same thing comes up in every retelling–his face was lit up with excitement and he could not stop talking about Adva! And when you see them together, it’s all the more obvious why this beautiful, intelligent woman is a great match for him.

When Paul and Adva got engaged (the morning of our shoot!), it was only fitting for them to take photos in the same place they fell in love. We started our photo session at the Tortoise & Hare and made our way over to the Crystal City fountain. Even in the winter, there was a beauty about the ferns and the stillness of the normally flowing fountain. We took advantage of the gorgeous light and sunset in Old Town, Alexandria as well, which made this chilly day look as warm as their love for each other. We love these photos and are so excited for Paul and Adva! Congratulations on your engagement!