Photography started as a way for me to remember the places I had been and the times I spent doing the things I love or times spent with awesome people. In high school I brought my camera with me anywhere I thought was interesting. After completing a degree in graphic design at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and a few career changes in my early 20s, I decided to become a professional photographer.

Looking back, I had no clue what I was doing, but photography soon became my vehicle for going to cool places and hanging out with interesting people. It was impossible to resist. The first 10 years of my business I spent learning all kinds of photography: people, spaces, landscapes, events, products, editorial, and advertising. I learned about all the gear, lighting, and how to work with lots of different kinds of people.

Now I am working to tell the important stories of the people I work with and to make them look awesome. I love working with passionate people and to use my skills to support their success.


Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, my friends knew me as the “girl with the camera.” I didn’t use it to be artsy and cool, but I was able to goof off with my friends and capture many of our best memories growing up. The camera was a tool for growing relationships. Collaboration has always been at the heart of my love for visual arts and photography quickly became a fun and fulfilling way to pursue what I love most—people, nature, and animals!

My personal style is fun, colorful and flirty. Even my pet portraits are flirty. I especially love working with women of all ages and helping them feel sexy and confident in front of the camera. I enjoy making men look cool and masculine. And I love working with children and pets to capture them in their most natural and exuberant element.

My favorite photographers are not the ones who have perfect technical skills, but the ones who elicit genuine emotions from the people in front of them because they care. That’s my mission for every shoot—to care about my clients and capture you looking your best.